Friday, March 26, 2010

My First Official Giveaway!! Whoo Hoo!

Okay peeps! Here it is my first "official" giveaway!!

Who wants a beautiful and functional "Emerilware" Cast Iron 10" Square Grill Pan along with a "Sassy Cook'n Hot Chicks" Oven Mitt and Potholders Set?

I am so excited for my first "official" giveaway sponsored by, a part of CSN Stores!

I tried to think of something that everyone could use. I recently purchased one of these square cast iron grill pans and absolutely love it! They are perfect for grilling steaks indoors when the weather outside is not conducive to grilling. And I also chose something that would be appropriate for the Country Chicken Girl, the "Sassy Cook'n Hot Chicks" Oven Mitt and Potholders Set, which are just adorable. I want a set myself!

I'll tell you how to enter the giveaway at the end of the post, but first of all let me introduce you to these fantastic prizes!

First the skillet... oooo, ahhhh, it's so beautiful! Click on the link below the picture for a better view and details! Just remember to hit your browsers back button to return to the blog. Ya'll come back now, ya hear, because there's more!

Emerilware Cast Iron 10" Square Grill Pan

Second prize is the most adorable chicken print oven mitt and potholder set. "Pluck Yourself Out of Your Daily Routine and Whip Up Something Fresh! This delightful print features stylish black and white polka dotted chickens strutting about with white eggs on a yellow background." How fitting for the Country Chicken Girl or anyone who reads this blog. You'll have to click on the link below to see these. Go ahead, I'll wait until you get back.

Just the other night I grilled up some steaks on my grill pan. They were so delicious I wish you would have been here to share. I love this grill pan because cast iron really knows how to treat a steak like it should be treated. It isn't hard to cook restaurant quality steaks at home with the right pan and the right steak. The most important rule is to not over cook your steak!!! For a medium rare steak, you need to cook it for about 2 minutes on each side for a thin steak, or 3 to 4 minutes on each side for a thick steak over medium-high heat. Also make sure your skillet is nice and hot before you put the steak on. I like to coat mine with butter before I put the steaks on!

These delicious looking steaks were some of our Burgundy Mushroom marinated round steaks! Oh my, so incredibly tender and flavorful! Who knew round steak could be so tender! Seriously! I can't begin to tell you what a savory, delectable piece of heaven this steak was. Notice that I also grilled a significant amount of mushrooms and onions to top it all off with!

The skillet in action!

Too bad you can't smell this!

Hold on to your horses, this is the best steak there ever was!
Does anyone else out there love grilled mushrooms and onions as much as I do?


Who all wants steak for dinner now? I know I do!

But wait that's not all...

You too can experience these scrumptious steaks in your own home (if you live local that is, or come for a visit!) We, meaning our family run business Open A Bar 2 Ranch, LLC have four different kinds of marinated steaks to offer. We have Mesquite Round Steak and Burgundy Mushroom Round Steak along with Mesquite Sirloin Steak and Beef Mushroom Sirloin Steak. If you are interested you can see our price list by clicking on the link below. (Local delivery can be arranged.)


Okay, now lets get back to the giveaway. I can tell you are just dying to enter! All that you need to do is tell me your favorite cut of steak in the "comment" section. Could be sirloin, ribeye, t-bone, new york strip... you name it. Maybe you don't like steak? Well then you can say that too and I promise it won't disqualify you from the giveaway. You will also need to leave your first name and your last initial.

You don't need to "sign-in" to leave a comment. You can do it by commenting as "Anonymous" but you'll need to include your first name and last initial in your comment! Got it? Hope it isn't too confusing. If you just can't figure it out, you can email me at and I'll see if I can walk you through it. IMPORTANT: Please don't leave your comments on Facebook! Those comments will NOT be entered.

You can only enter once and that rule will be strictly enforced. Anyone caught entering more than once will receive a mean nasty rooster AKA Whitey as their "prize!"

You have until noon on April 2nd to enter, so a whole week. The winner will be determined by a "draw of the hat." I will announce the winner on the evening of April 2nd. You will need to check the post and contact me if you are the winner so I can get your information so the prizes can be sent to you. Let's see, what have I missed? Can't think of anything...

Please tell all your friends and tell them to enter! Men you can enter too, these would make wonderful gifts for that special lady in your life. Mother's Day is coming up, enter and see if you can't win this for yo' mama!

A huge thank you goes out to, a part of CSN Stores for sponsoring this giveaway. Please visit their site. CSN Stores has everything you need to design your perfect kitchen including track lighting to accent your countertops and pot racks to show off your cookware.

Okay now enter!!


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  2. Favorite cut of steak? Very thick EYE OF ROUND grilled medium rare. It's an underrated treat.

    Michelle S.

  3. OK, here goes, why not? Inch or more thick Filet Mignon Oscar!

    Penny M

  4. filet mignon

  5. Sirloin
    Alison B.

  6. RIBEYE!!

    Leanne K

  7. Lynda C.
    Filet Mignon

  8. Lori K.

    Elk Backstrap...MMmmm!!

  9. Emily N.

    Filet Mignon

  10. Bone - in Ribeye. gotta have the bone!
    Wendy P.

  11. New York Strip - with LOTS of mushrooms and onions!

    Laronda M.

  12. Ribeye with mushrooms and onions of course!

    Jackie D

  13. Tammy C
    Ribeye with mushrooms, medium rare!

  14. Susan A

    Ribeye all the way rare

  15. Gaylene H. likes all kinds of steak as long as it is cooked right. Especially outside on the grill.

  16. Eye of round on the BBQ
    Jonnie H

  17. T-Bone off the grill

    Michael H

  18. T-Bone, definitely... on the grill.... with rice, beans, and salsa.... and nice hot tortillas...
    Rebecca F-A

  19. Rib-eye, always ribeye. Andy S.

  20. Angie Soto
    Love the New York Strip!

  21. Lisa Ewing
    Rib Eye,,,,Medium well!!! YUM

  22. 17 oz. T-Bone, nice and thick and meaty.
    Dennis Stewart