Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Girls Know How to Git-r-Done!

Not too much goin on here at our place. I have several stories in the "wings" waiting to be shared with you and now I'm just trying to catch up on them.

A few months ago, actually it was around the end of November, my neighbor Cori called me and asked me if I could come up and help her process some calves. Her husband was busy in the fields, corn harvest, and she had over 100 calves to do if I remember right. I had a few of my own chores to finish before I could go up, but I told her I'd be there as soon as I could.

We were lucky the weather was nice. By the time I made it up there, Cori and her girls had already got all the calves in the alleyway and had already done almost half of them. They had quite the system going and were quite capable of doing this chore all by themselves. Her daughters really know how to work those cattle! LeAnna and Laura have always been around cattle. Working cattle is the only life that those girls know and you can tell when you are around them. They are extremely hard workers. I think kids that are raised on a farm or ranch are just plain lucky.

I do think that Laura, the youngest, was a tiny bit happy when the "relief" showed up. She had been working really hard and was getting a little bored with her job.

We were branding them, vaccinating and pouring them all in one swoop. You should have seen Cori and LeAnne running their hydraulic shoot and head-catch. They ran the controls like a seasoned fighter-jet pilot, so fast and smooth!

You can see how the whole operation went down in the video. I also added some various pictures of the Country Chicken Girl living her life day by day.

I am one blessed individual living a blessed life here in the middle of nowhere with my wonderful husband and our boys. Oh and the cats, chickens and cattle!



  1. this video made me extremlly home sick thank you

  2. Awww, don't be homesick Whitey, just come home!

  3. LOL. Nice cow flop at the end. - Monique

  4. great video Kathie, looks like fun.