Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Animal Antibiotics and Your Food!!

Katie Couric did this story on the CBS Evening News last night (see the link below).

I believe that this is a real problem with the corporate and industrialized animal farms! Especially those like Tyson, Pilgram's Pride, Foster Farms, and Cargill.

The conditions in which the animals are raised are putrid and nauseating! They, meaning the conditions, are fit neither for man nor beast. If the conditions were more sanitary and the animals were being raised the way God intended for them to be raised, they wouldn't need antibiotics.

Why are we messing our food supply up??

Why are we allowing huge corporations to take over our food supply and dictate how our food is raised?

Why can't we just have our food the way God designed it?

I'll have more to come I'm sure. Don't get me started!

Well, too late, I already am started on this rant.

Just remember, I'm not forcing you to read this blog if you disagree.

But don't go if you like the recipes, stories and pictures...
I promise I will still post them!

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