Thursday, February 11, 2010

Antibiotics in Your Food, Part 2

This is part two of the story Katie Couric did on antibiotics in our food source.

Is anyone reading these?

Is anyone watching these clips?

Because very few people are talking about it!

There have been only a couple of comments on my Facebook page and NO comments on the blog.

Doesn't anyone care?

Doesn't anyone believe that this is going on?

Are you all in denial that it will not affect you?

Maybe you guys just have better things to do than to be concerned with this...

Okay, I'll stop, for now.

Next post will be on a lighter note, I promise.


  1. LOL. We're with you Kathi! - Monique

  2. Yes, we are here but I needed some quiet time to listen to the clips! Very interesting. I kind of knew this but it is interesting that all of Europe has gone antibiotic free and with good results! Keep on the soap box! At least WE are eating antibiotic free chicken and beef!!! Now, how about some pork?????

  3. I have known about this for several years. That's why we have been buying our beef from people we know for the last few years. Unfortunately we don't have the antibiotic free chicken available all the time but on occasion we do. Mom we do get some organic free range pork from time to time. Its from the Skagit River Ranch. I get beef from them occasionally at the coop. We had their sausages at Proverbs 31 University (one of the monthly women's fellowships I go to)and they were pretty awesome.