Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Spring is creeping up on us and here at the ranch, that means the babies are coming, the babies are coming!

Up above is a picture of #924 when she was about a month old. Here she is below almost a year old now. My how she has grown. I think that she needs a name.

We should have a contest... Name #924!

If you have any ideas on a name for this little cutie, leave a comment. I'll pick a name by drawing the entries out of a hat on Sunday. How does that sound?

Let's see, most contests have prizes for the winner. What could we do for a prize?

Well, probably nothing except for knowing that you were responsible for this little sweetheart's name! Sorry! But please don't let that keep you from entering!

Here are a few more pictures I've taken of the 2009 calves.

Partners in Crime!
Look so innocent until you want them to go into the corral!

What's with that single piece of hay hanging out of your mouth?

The 4 Amigos!


  1. Bean Blossom! We always had a Bean Blossom that we were bottle feeding. Danny should remember.....

  2. Sorry mom I don't remember a Bean Blossom. I do remember naming the milk cow Charlie when I was really young. Come on people we don't want to have to name her "Bean Blossom".
    Dan The Man

  3. Ugh, Parker and I have argued about 15 names! I like "marshmallow on chocolate" Moch for short. Parker said "Scared Face" since her face is pale white with fear. Obviously we aren't very creative, but never fail! I have until Sunday to come up with some names!

  4. Danny how can you not remember all the Bean Blossoms. I think we even had one of the 4H calves named bean blossom. How about The Yellow Son of a Bitch. Do you remember that one?

    I am thinking it should be something black like
    Shanequa or Shequaqua or How about the classic cow name Elsie!

    Darcy's suggesion is Suki or Susan.

  5. By the way what's wrong with Bean Blossom?


  6. How about Fred?....

    Or maybe Fredrica?


  7. She reminds me of Petey (ala Little Rascals) or Bullseye (the Target dog). How about Pivot? - Monique

  8. How about Sunshine?

  9. I had corned beef hash for breakfast so I came up with CB Hash, sounds like a rock n' roller name.

  10. Lori, I thought you would suggest "When are you going to get my curtains done?" LOL

    Candy, I like that!

    Who said "Sunshine"? Do you really want to be anonymous?

    Keep them coming!!

  11. Morgan says "Raven"


  12. Leanne said Sunshine!

  13. Hmmmm.......How about Dottie? Unless this one is going to enter The Processing Center, then it could be Dead Cow Walking.