Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter's Back...

Well... winter is back here in Western Nebraska. I knew the lovely mild weather we were enjoying was not going to last forever. Besides, caving season is fast approaching here at the Open A Bar 2 Ranch and that usually means merciless blizzards that come and try to take our sweet little calves from us.

In a weird way, I actually love winter. Friday morning was one of the reasons why I love winter. It was not too cold, it had snowed during the night, the wind wasn't blowing and there was an eerie fog looming in the air. I love how quite it is when all of the world seems frozen in place. The fog made my world seem very small and very intimate. That is a very comforting feeling for me. I love walking about and taking pictures of God's glorious creation on days like these.

I also have been experimenting with a photo editing program. Some of these below have been jazzed up and some where not.

I hope you enjoy the peacefulness of the morning that I experienced. I think some of the pictures really caught that feeling.

I started out by taking pictures of the calves. The fog was so dense that I could only see a few hundred feet ahead of me.

NOTE: Remember that you can click on the image for a full screen view of the photo. Click on your browser's back button to return to the blog. Just do it, you're cheating yourself if you don't look at the full view!!

I love this one!
You'd better click on it or else I'm going to have to hurt you!

So cute how they get a little snow ring around their noses as they graze in the snow!

They are so curious, that as I get closer to them, they can't stand it and have to get closer to me to see what I am doing out there. Either that or they all want to be blog stars!

Sure glad I have this nice warm coat!

Curious three.

Also love this one!
The calf on the left has a heart shaped snow ring.
Too cute...

Are you thinking of a cute name for me?

Enter the contest to name me.
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After I got tired of the calves and they got tired of me, I went into the back yard. My faithful sidekick, Sammy, decided to join me. She loves going for walks with me, as long as I blaze the trial through the snow!

Sam I am, I am Sam!

I'm telling you, you've got to click on the picture!

Oh la, la...
I think my sissy will like this one!
What do you think sissy?

Nice, I like this one!

Beautiful Sammy

By this time little Sammy was ready to go back inside and have a cup of hot cocoa!
She's giving me the look that said, "Are you done yet?"

Yes Sammy dear, we can go in now...

The End

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  1. You're right! I do like that one!