Thursday, February 4, 2010

DNA Testing

The other day, actually it was Tuesday when we did this, we took blood samples from our bulls to get a DNA report. This report will be on file with the American Lowline Registry so that they can verify parentage on any of the offspring that we would register from these bulls. So in other words, it allows the bull's DNA to be on file for a paternity test, if one so desired.

Having registered cattle is sometimes a real pain in the neck! Tattoos, paperwork, DNA test, what next!! I'm sure the cattle would rather not have to go through all this, but as Dan the Man told us, "It's the rules!"

Maybe the cattle feel special since they are registered! Or maybe they could care less.

First ya take the needle...

Open it...

Ask nicely for the bull to stand still...

tell them it will be just a little prick...

actually, I think they heard this all before when we had to do their tattoos!

Prick once, real fast...

Prick twice, real fast...

ooooo, be so very careful Mr. Boss Man and don't prick your finger!

That would hurt I bet!

prick a third time, even though by now, Mr. Bully is mad as heck
and doesn't want to hold still for ya
anymore !

Get your handy dandy test paper...

press it onto the blood...

make sure to get enough on the paper!

And there you go, three test strips ready to send to the lab.

Big Boys don't cry, not even one little tear!

Chester: You come after me with one of the needles and
I'm a gonna throw you into the next county!

Mr. Chaulk Butte and No Limit's Pride (a.k.a Charlie)
Mr. Chaulk Butte was born in 2008 and Charlie was born in 2007
The have the same father, EZ No Limit, a.k.a. Chester.
Mr. Chaulk Butte's mother is Charlie's maternal half sister.


  1. They look pretty subdued after their ordeal!

  2. pretty funny! Jennifer