Monday, March 21, 2011

Bedroom Remodel

One of the things I really LOVE about Dan the Man is that he is very handy when it comes to construction. Could be due to the fact that he has a degree in construction management and worked in construction for probably 15 years or so.

I love to remodel and wish I had unlimited funds to do so. But, I do not. I do like our trailer house, it is spacious and open as trailer houses go. But there is just something about pre-papered wallboard in every single room that I really detest! Slowly I have been working on each room to make it look more like a real house, and not a trailer house. Begone with you, you stinky ugly wallboard with furring strips every 4 feet to hide the joints of each piece of wallboard that is assembled to build this house. Begone you hideous green carpet!

I started with the master bedroom. I'll post pictures of all the rooms later. Next after Nick and Colton moved out, was that bedroom. Then the master bathroom and now that Chris has moved out, it is this bedroom's turn.

I can remember when I moved out of the house I grew up in and went away to college, my parents did some major remodeling, finished the basement and added a hot tub, bathroom and exercise room all in the basement. I can remember being a little bent out of shape because I sure would have enjoyed those amenities while I was living in that house! So sorry boys, I guess that is just what parents do, remodel the house after the kids leave! You can enjoy the room when you come to visit. Yes and Skyler is the spoiled one because he is the baby and gets to enjoy some of the remodeling now.

Anyway, the first thing that had to go was the UGLY green carpet, which still resides in the living room and master bedroom. This carpet was not the top of the line carpet when we got the house because we bought one that was already manufactured, so I didn't get to make any choices. It has since seen it's better days and now I detest green carpet and never want to have green carpet for as long as I live. I pray there is no green carpet in heaven. Not sure I can handle being stuck with it for an eternity!

Carpet and pad ripped-up and ready to haul out.
Good riddance you despicable excuse for carpet!

The next annoyance to deal with is the furring strips
that plague each wall of this house. Each strip has to be pulled off
which reveals the joint of each wallboard panel.

Then each seam and corner has to be taped with drywall tape
and then drywall mud needs to be applied to each seam.
It takes at least three coats of drywall on each seam.
Each coat of drywall requires sanding in between to keep it smooth.
Dan the Man did all the drywall and sanding.
It is an extremely messy job with all the drywall dust.

Look, nice smooth walls!
Dan the Man does nice work!

Walls and Ceiling now ready to paint.
Dan the Man gets the paint sprayer ready.

Dan the Man has to test out the sprayer before the County Chicken Girl can use it.

Ah ha, my turn!
*Insert "James Bond" or "Charlie's Angels" music here*

This is a low budget blog, so you have to humm the music yourself.

Painting the ceiling.
Sprayer makes light work of this task.
Especially nice since the ceiling has the stupid popcorn texture
which really sucks to paint if you have to roll the paint on.

Like my professional painting hood?
I was thinking I need to paint the top red so it looks like a rooster's comb!

Sometimes we work well together,
sometimes we pretend to work well together,
sometimes we don't pretend!
Sorry if you have to witness those times!

Looks like I'm pretending...
looks like Dan the Man is not pretending!
Why aren't you smiling Dan my man?

Ooo la, la!
Starting to come together!
Southeast wall by closet.

Southwest wall.

Northwest wall by door.

Northeast wall.

Dan the Man laying the floor.

Lookin' nice Manny Danville!
Did you know Dan the Man also know as Manny Danville?

Did I mention that Dan the Man even built a headboard for the bed?
Thanks honey!

Danny said I had to post another picture of the headboard,
without the pillows up so you can see the details of the headboard!

Southeast wall, closet door.

The office has moved out of the kitchen and into the spare bedroom.

West wall.

Northwest corner, door leading into the bedroom.

I plan on framing some of my photos (black and whites) in black frames for the walls.
Now I just have to choose which ones.

Sammi is camera shy and doesn't want to look at the camera,
but she wants to be in the picture!

Reservations are now being taken for the guest room. Why not take a vacation and enjoy a relaxing visit to the Open A Bar 2 Ranch? We'll even let you help with the chores! You had better hurry and book your reservation. The chicken processing dates are really starting to fill up!


  1. Looks great! AND you got it finished, too! Nice work.

  2. That's so lovely...and you chose my favorite colors. Dan the Man is a talented carpenter. Beautiful work!