Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ride that Pony, Ride!

I absolutely love the history of the Panhandle of Nebraska. This metal silhouette of a pony express rider is located between Chimney Rock and Bridgeport along HWY 92. Dan the Man and I were on our way to Bridgeport for a informational meeting concerning networking with other growers and producers; learning about an on-line Wyoming Food Cooperative; and other stuff that is right up our alley. The meeting took place the end of February. It was a beautiful day for a drive. A drive that I think many take for granted. There is so much beauty here on the prairie, but one has to have an open mind and an active imagination also comes in handy.

Did you know?

For a link to a page that will allow to enlarge this photo of the pony express route, click here. When you are done with that page and want to return to the blog, just hit your browser's back button.

Guess you could say we've come a long way with our email and tweets! Makes you wonder what communications will be like in another hundred years!


  1. Just one detail... that was $100 to $125 per month. Newb wages were $25 per week. The average annual earnings in those days was $200 per year. You may delete this message after my know-it-all moment is over. lol

  2. Thanks Michelle, that was a typo. Glad you are checking up on my posts!

  3. wow that's neat. My mom would like this blog post cause she IS is pony express now lol. Huge mail cages get loaded up onto her truck and then she takes mail to the post office :)

    That is neat, if I lived before vehicles came were invented, I would LOVE to do that as a job based off the flyer advertisement. -Sarah