Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcomed Messengers

Spring is trying to arrive here in Western Nebraska and is doing a pretty fine job of it, I must admit. But I know you too well Mr. Western Nebraska and I know that there is a lingering snow storm yet on the horizon. As much as I would love to be positive about this Spring weather, I just can't help being a little pessimistic about it. Fooling myself into thinking that Spring was actually here would be a foolish action on my part. It would be news that is just too good to be true.

We ALWAYS have Spring blizzards, so I am not getting my hopes up too high that my beloved Spring has sprung.

These lovely little ladies have come out of hibernation to brighten the flower bed. Thank you ladies, you are beautiful! Remember you can click on the image for a full screen view, which I highly recommend.

Make sure you click on this one.
In my own opinion, of course...

and here it is in black and white.

I will enjoy these lovely Spring days now,
but I will not put away my Winter gear...

just yet.

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