Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update to Miss America Post

I know you guys are probably getting tired of the Miss America thing, but KNEB (our local radio station) just posted this video of the press conference and it has me presenting the congratulations card to Miss America.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Read this previous post:

Country Chicken Girl and Dan the Man Meet Miss America

No one is forcing you to watch it. I promise I will still like you even if you don't watch it. You can even leave me a comment that you have had enough of the Miss America thing and I won't take offense, but I still think it is kind-of neat-o. Wait until I get to share the story with all my little granddaughters and can show them the video on YouTube! I'll be one super cool grammy!

If you really want to see the whole press conference, there are four parts to it. You can find them all on YouTube. Just click on the YouTube video here and it should take you to the YouTube page where the rest of the videos are.

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