Friday, March 4, 2011

Behind the Scenes, Stop Dorking Around Danny

Believe it or not, Dan the Man often likes to be a smart-alec just to ruffle the Country Chicken Girl's feathers.

Case in point:

Country Chicken Girl: We should take our picture since we look so nice for a change.

Dan the Man: Do we have too? We don't have time.

They didn't really have time, but the Country Chicken Girl knew it would only take a few seconds to snap a picture.

Country Chicken Girl: It'll only take a second. Stand here so I can setup the camera on the tripod and we can use the timer.

Country Chicken Girl sets up the tripod and gets the camera ready. She pushes the shutter button and goes to stand next to Dan the Man. As they are standing there, Dan the Man is trying to tickle the Country Chicken Girl. The camera clicks and the picture is taken.

Dan the Man: We'd better take that again. I think I had a dorky look on my face.

Yep, that would be a dorky look!

Notice Dan the Man's right hand trying to
tickle the Country Chicken Girl
Take #1

Country Chicken Girl: Well if you weren't trying to be a smart-alec, you would not have had that look on your face. You look like the little trouble-maker in the grade school class picture who was holding up his fingers, giving the girl in front of him bunny ears. We don't really have time for this!

Disgusted at Dan the Man's childish behavior, the Country Chicken Girl gets the camera ready again.

Country Chicken Girl: Now don't goof it up this time. We don't have time to take pictures all morning long. We should be leaving by now.

Dan the Man: Yes dear.

Take #2

And they lived happily ever after...

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  1. I would have been happy to take your picture!