Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recommended Reading

Most of you know that I am an advocate for buying local foods and that I am against factory farming. There are several great books concerning these issues and "Take Part", a website that I occasionally visit, has compiled at fantastic list of recommended books.

Take Part writes: "Earlier this week, TakePart asked its Food, Inc community to share some of its favorite books about the food industry. With more than 850 replies, the response was overwhelming—and exciting.

We've compiled the whole list and broken it into four sections: the most mentioned books, the runner-ups, books related to diet, and cook books.

Michael Pollan placed three books in the 10 most-mentioned. But plenty of other great voices are in the mix, speaking on industrial agriculture, the obesity crisis, migrant farmworkers, pesticides, urban farming, and more.

Prepare to be informed."

Here is the link:
100+ Books on the Food Industry: If You Eat Food, Read Some

I have read a few, like "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and "Fast Food Nation". I recommend any of these three.

Just thought that I'd share the link with you. Let me know which ones you have read or if you plan on reading any!


  1. Aack! Just what I don't need! More tasty books! I was just noticing, after buying one more book today, that I have 13 books in a stack waiting to be read. I am currently in the process of reading two more, one of which is a 700-page history book. Then I heard about another book this evening that I want to read, and you lay some more down, dangling before me like a proverbial carrot. I have a book problem. Wish I could just read for a solid month.

  2. I'm the same way. My Kindle is full of unread books and wishlist books. I have several "sample" books on it too that tease you with just the first chapter. Since retirement I really can read all day if I wish but here I am on FB and reading interesting blogs! What can I say......