Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday Drive

I am so glad that the weather is beginning to act a little more like spring here in Western Nebraska. Actually, we really have not had that bad of a winter this year, in my opinion. But, winter is not over yet and there is plenty of time for a blizzard or two to hit. A couple of years ago we had two Spring blizzards that really reeked havoc and we actually lost a couple of calves to the storms. I'm praying for beautiful weather for when we start to calve.

Dan the Man has been pushing back our calving season the past few years so we should start calving the end of April, beginning of May. I can't wait. The babies are so stinking cute. It is one of my favorite parts of our operation. Chicken processing is the least favorite. I also hate making chicken feed.

Today the high is suppose to get up to 73 degrees! Yippee! Sunday was also a beautiful day. Dan the Man and I decided to take a drive and get out of the house. I grabbed my camera and off we went.

We headed west into Wyoming since I was still kicking myself for not stopping in Lexington to get some shots of the snow geese. I was hoping we would find some snow geese at the Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area. So we drove there via back country roads.

I know I tell you this all the time, but there might be some new people looking at my blog for the first time, so this is for them, not you old timers. If you would like to see a full screen view of the photos, which I fully recommend, just click on the photo. To return to the blog, hit your browser's back button.

Wheat fields on top of Table Mountain. Beautiful clouds.

And just to the west of the wheat fields...

A familiar sight in Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming.
Minuteman Missile Silo, this one is S-5.
90th Missile Wing LGM-30 Minuteman Missile Launch Sites.

... and then more wheat fields.

Modern phone lines in WyoBraska.
This is why your internet is so slow if you are still on dial-up!

Did I mention that the roads were a little muddy?

Table Mountain WHMA

Table Mountain WHMA
Full of Canadian Geese and Snow Geese, but too muddy to walk out and get better pictures.
I plan on going back when it dries up a little, but with my luck, the snow geese
will be gone by then.

Beautiful Percheron (draft horse) posing nicely along side the road for me.

You are stunning!

One room school house.
Does anyone know the name of this school?

Dan the Man tried to do some research on the school and all that he came up
with was an article about Stanley K. Hathaway.
"The Hathaways homesteaded near Huntley, Wyoming.
He was raised on the farm near Huntley and received his primary education in the one-room country schools at Table Mountain and New Fairview, Wyoming."
Hathaway was governor of Wyoming from 1966-1975.
After retiring from the Governor’s office in 1975, Hathaway was nominated and served under President Gerald Ford as Secretary of the Interior. He was Wyoming’s first cabinet officer.

hmmm, interesting!

Dan the Man taking a peek inside.

There were church pews inside so I wonder if it was most recently used as a church building?
An old upright piano sat silently in one corner.
The west wall consisted of a chalk board that was at least 24 feet in length!

The forlorn merry-go-round sat patiently waiting for it's next passenger.

Love this picture!

The merry-go-round beckoned us to take a spin.

I couldn't go too fast with Dan the Man because
he gets motion sick at the drop of a hat!
One trip around was enough for him.

Then it was my turn.

Just in case you want to get your own merry-go-round you can contact this company!
Be sure to ask for the model "J".

Potty break, it's a double-seater, but not a double-decker.
You should never use a double-decker, but if you have to,
make sure you take the top one.
hee, hee!

This outhouse was at the school.

Once again, a day in the life of the Country Chicken Girl and her man Dan.

and they lived happily ever after...



  1. You captured the essence of a nice afternoon drive on the plains!

  2. Neat, Kathi! I like the "more wheat fields" and merry-go-round pix of you and Dan the best.

  3. Kathi, ask Jane Sedman about the schoolhouse, I think its on their land. I can't remember the name but it was used for kids bible school during the summers. When Kayla was 5 she went and Bonnie Youngquist came and played the piano. I also think it was used as a community center back in the 80's. At one time it was a really neat building.