Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Like

My nose hairs still smell like burning weeds from yesterday.

So I wanted to focus today on smells I like.

I noticed yesterday, after burning the weeds, that my home plug-in smelly things from Bath & Body Works were out of smelly stuff, the bottle thingy was empty. No wonder it smelt (hee, hee... smelt) like burning weeds in the house.

I dug through the cupboard where I keep the smelly bottle refills and found that I had a back-up, Kitchen Spice. Hmmmm.... that was a new scent for me. I changed the bottle and wow-wee does it smell yummy. According to B&BW Kitchen Spice is an" inviting aroma that blends hazelnut, marzipan, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla notes."

If you haven't tried it, I recommend it.

Last time I was at B&BW, with my sister during one of our retail therapy sessions, I pick-up my free travel size lotion. If you shop B&BW but don't get their coupons in the mail, then you are missing out! Seriously, get on their mailing list.

Anyway, I got Apricot Vanilla Body Lotion. Ooo la, la! This I like. I put some on my upper lip to try to get rid of the burnt weed smell.

And last, but not certainly least... Hazelnut Latte Chak Lick. What the heck is Chak Lick? It's the best gosh darn lip balm on this planet made by my beloved friend, Christina Armstrong. You all know Christina, she is the gal that makes the Beeloved Jam. You can get your hands on some of Christina's Chak Lick at the Scottsluff Winter Farmers Market. Mary, with Creative Bubbles, will have some at her booth.

Check out this post I did on Christina last summer.

This flavor I have is Hazelnut Latte and you know what it smells like?... a Hazelnut Java Chiller from Sonic. My, oh my!!

I'm not sure how many different flavors Christina has, but she has quite a few.

Just thought I'd share.
The End.

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